Creel final

Other than a bit of “aging” and minor mods to the tackle box lock, I think it’s done.

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2 Comments on “Creel final”

  1. drbaits Says:

    the final tale of the scale:

    -Wicker Creel used as shape/size model: 1.7 lb
    -Poplar Creel: 3 lb
    -Poplar Creel plus Poplar tackle box: 4 lb

    So, not bad at appr. twice the weight of wicker. Note that Oa, walnut or cherry would likely have been at least double the weight of the poplar creel. As a sidebar, the Poplar I used came from a friend’s farm in New Hampshire…slabbed, dried, and trucked all the way to San Diego, along with a big load of ash and cherry. I’m having a hard time talking him out of the cherry!

  2. drbaits Says:

    disappearing “k”…..that’s “oak”

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