The Creel

Well, one assignment I had was to make a tackle box for the display.  After looking around for examples, I decided a creel would be more appropriate with a box inside to store lures and paraphenalia.  working wicker is not in my wheelhouse and not likely to appear in the near future, but I found examples of wooden creels…a little closer to my skill set.  I decided to make the box of white poplar, since it is light, yet sturdy.  It’s not as light as wicker, but not too bad. I still have to put on a leather strap that I’ve rounded up and hinges, but we’re pretty close.

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7 Comments on “The Creel”

  1. Richard Says:

    Very nice work, John. You guys are all doing amazing and creative work with these re-creations. One thought about the strap for your creel. It’s possible it would have been leather but also possible it could have been cloth, a canvas-like material. I’ve seen old creels with canvas straps and the “possibles” bags sometimes carried by black powder re-enactors are often canvas bags with canvas straps. Like I said, something to ponder. Keep up the good work!

    • drbaits Says:

      thanks, Richard! Yes, agreed…and the first strap I made was of cloth. However, it looked too new and I didn’t find the old canvas material I thought it called for. I figure leather is always going to work, so that’s why I went that way.

  2. mljhackney Says:

    Marvelous John! I might have to have one of those.

    Richard, I’ll give you a call when John’s rod arrives and the reel is complete and attached for you to take a look at. I also still have your Squanacook reel that I need to return.

  3. royce Says:

    John, beautiful work – the “creel” shape is really outstanding.

  4. John e Says:

    thanks for the pats, guys. Now, just have to wrestle the hinges to the ground. I’ve decided to use leather hinges and clasp for the creel. given the bow in the back panel for comfort on the hip, regular hinges just don’t cut it. For authenticity, I should just go ahead and break them (LOL>..)

  5. Jim Miller Says:

    Greetings John,

    I’m very interested in your wooden creel recreation and would love to know about the research that led to it. You guys are all doing such a great job of bringing history to life, I hope your efforts get the appreciation they deserve.

  6. John e Says:

    thanks, Jim. I did a lot of looking in old catalogues, internet sites, and auction listings, looking for styles for tackle boxes of the 1850s. I really didn’t find examples of wooden boxes from that era. Most of them were small tin boxes or wicker creels. Then I happened on some early wooden creels in old Langs catalogues and knew that was the way I wanted to go. the choice of wood was poplar, due to light weight, workability and the fact that it was locally available in the New England area. Size and general shape was based on the wicker creel in the pics that I’ve had for a number of years. I pretty much flew by the seat of the pants as to how to put it together.

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